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Wayland Public Library Millennium Endowment Fund
In the early 1990’s, the Wayland Board of Library Trustees created an endowment fund to provide a solid financial foundation for the Library. 

Supported by gifts from the Wayland community, it is a permanent supplementary source of funding that will ensure the quality of library services in the future.

The Wayland Public Library was originally founded in 1848 by a private donation of $500 that was matched by the citizens of the town.  By establishing the endowment fund, the Trustees have continued the tradition of augmenting public funding for the Library with donations from Wayland residents.

Capitalizing on the excitement of moving into a new millennium, the Trustees established the Wayland Public Library Millennium Endowment Fund.  With leadership from Ann Flowers, the former Wayland Children’s Librarian, a fundraising campaign raised over $350,000.

The Endowment Fund is invested by the Wayland Trust Fund Commissioners, while responsibility for disbursing funds is under the control of the Library Trustees.

The Endowment Fund continues to serve as a vehicle for tax-deductible gifts from Wayland Library patrons and community members.  The Trustees encourage supporters to consider memorial gifts, bequests, and annual gifts. 

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Gifts to the Endowment Fund support the future well-being of a community treasure, the Wayland Free Public Library.